We usually meet on the second Tuesday of every month, in Dublin. A talk is given, followed by a Q&A session. We then retire to a local hostelry for a quiet drink or two. Occasionally we also organize casino nights where we play poker, blackjack, and American roulette where we usually have a lot of laughs, discussions about everything, and generally just get to know each other better. And normally win some money if we are lucky.

Meetings are currently open to the general public. Please feel free to come along;
however, please note that some of our meeting venues require pre-registration
with site security.

We also hold regional meetings, usually in association with the ICT Division of the Institute of Engineers in Ireland.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is in December; the title and venue are not fixed.

Meeting Details

Date Speaker(s) Topic
November, 2007 Niall Murphy Modelling IPv4 address exhaustion
October, 2007 Robin Mc Cullough Redundancy in Data Centres - and why techies should never be allowed to design them
September, 2007 Dave Malone Hiring System Administrators - a case study
June/July/August, 2007 Social sessions
May, 2007 Colin Whittaker The realities of building an LLU network in Ireland
April, 2007 Sam Johnston Google Applications
March, 2007 Lee Damon The Big Lies in System Administration: Truths That Aren't
February, 2007 Mark Mulvany Exchange Clustering and Local Continuous Replication in Exchange 2007
January, 2007 Meeting Cancelled
December, 2006 Jeroen Masser Running SixXS - The Virtual ISP
November, 2006 AGM Annual General Meeting with the Committee
October, 2006 Meeting Cancelled
September, 2006 John Looney Managing Multi-million-machine Clusters
August, 2006 No Speaker Social Session - No Meeting
July, 2006 No Speaker Social Session - No Meeting
June, 2006 Tom Limoncelli Time Management for System Administrators
May, 2006 No Speaker No Meeting
April, 2006 Aaron Clauson Commercial VoIP Experiences
March, 2006 Colm Mac Cárthaigh Scaling Apache to 27,000+ users
February, 2006 David Malone and Niall Murphy DNS - It's not short for Domain Name Screwups!
December, 2005 HEAnet Schools NOC Interesting Technical Issues with the Schools Broadband Network
November, 2005 Willie O' Connor Windows Image Deployments
October, 2005 Barry Flanagan Xen - Server Virtualisation
September, 2005 Martin List-Petersen Asterisk
August, 2005 Social Session - no talk This is a social session - come along and join us for a drink, a bite to eat, and a chat
July, 2005 Social Session - no talk This is a social session - come along and join us for a drink, a bite to eat, and a chat
June, 2005 Dave Wilson & Sharon Murphy Presentations skills for Technical People & Documentation
May, 2005 John M. Cassidy Auditing
April, 2005 John Tobin Combatting Spam
March, 2005 Derek Noonan The Windows Installer
February, 2005 Lt. Col Brian Mc Quaid & Comdt. Ciarán Motherway A greenfield deployment to Liberia
December, 2004 Ronan Kelly Building MANs in the National Spatial Strategy towns and cities
November, 2004 Ross Chandler Deploying MPLS
October, 2004 Tiarnán De Burca The 2003 Special Olympics IT Infrastructure
September, 2004 Colm Mac Cárthaigh Scaling a web server to 20,000+ users
August, 2004 Warren Daly Security: using VPNs (L2TP/IPSEC) and AAA (RADIUS) technologies
May, 2004 Mark Anderson The Story of Troy - Email Filtering, Why and How
April, 2004 Andrew Byrne Multimedia technologies
March, 2004 Mícheál Ó Foghlú and John Ronan IPv6 Experiences, research projects and infrastructure.
February, 2004 David Malone "Time keeping and NTP"
January, 2004 Willie O' Connor "Migrating from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 Server"
November, 2003 Cillian Lyons, Dónal Cunningham and Ray Kelly IT Security
November, 2003 Dónal Cunningham Best Practices in Network and System Administration
October, 2003 John Lyons of HEAnet Honeypots & deploying honeyd on a production network
September, 2003 Ciarán Mc Cabe of
Open-Source software in the Enterprise
August, 2003 (Many) AGM
August, 2003 Ronan Cunniffe Long-Term Data Archiving
July, 2003 Andrew Barnes Backups and Data Recovery.
June, 2003 Dave Malone Forensics.
May, 2003 Adrian Colley Irish IT Law and the System Administrator.
April 2003 Dónal Cunningham Hacking Exposed
March 2003 Dónal Cunningham
and Liam Bedford
Data Retention Symposium
February 2003 Colm Mac Cárthaigh
and Colin Whittaker
A Case Study in Best Practices for OS Management
January 2003 Andrew Barnes
and Nick Hilliard
Contract System Administration
December 2002 Ann Harding Network Management Principles
November 2002 David Malone of CNRI 802.11 and the Joy of Warcycling in Dublin
October 2002 Justin Mason Spam Assassin
September 2002 Dónal Cunningham Machine Room Design
August 2002 Dave Wilson IPv6

We usually bring copies of ";login:", the magazine of Usenix and SAGE, and "Sysadmin" magazine, for people to have a look at. We also have copies of the "Short Topics in System Administration" series, including the well-known (and well-thumbed) "Job Descriptions for System Administrators".